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One of the most common repairs done by Geerts Roofing is the Flat roof repair Ottawa. Flat roof is commonly seen especially on garages, small buildings and certain types of extensions, which are commonly constructed by either 3-ply bitumen with the use of gravel. But recently rubber has become more common in use for flat roofs as it is stronger, cost-effective and it is easy to use in different types of roofs.

Many of the modified membrane systems that Geerts Roofing installed over 20 years ago still look like new. Though these types of roofing have a long lifespan there will be a time when you will have to attend necessary repairs on the flat roof. One of the very main problems we usually attend regarding Flat roof repair Ottawa is the leaks caused in the flat roofs which at times gets worst if the problem is not attended properly. We have consistently found modified membrane systems to be much more reliable than traditional tar and gravel membranes. Remarkably, the life expectancy of a 2-ply modified bitumen membrane system is around 30 years.

Adding insulation

Flat roofing

Ridge ventilation

Sun tunnels


Winter repairs

Flat roofing – Modified membrane systems hold up well in all kinds of wet conditions and are available in a wide range of colors to complement your building’s color scheme. Some of our clients even use the membranes as a waterproof underlay for decorative green rooftop gardens.

Adding insulation – It’s easy to add IKO THERM rooftop insulation during the re-roofing process, saving you heating costs and making your home more comfortable to live year round. The surprisingly low cost of installing rooftop insulation is an investment that will more than pay for itself.

Walls – Building on our success with IKO and Soprema modified membrane systems, we use fully sealed membrane flashings to seal walls and roof protrusions. Membrane flashings are easy to install and ensure that your roof’s seams are well protected from the elements for years to come.

Sun tunnels – Velux Sun tunnels are a popular option with our clients. With sun tunnels, you can easily bring the soothing beauty of natural light deep into your home to brighten up any room. Ask us how!

Ridge ventilation – Truss-based roofing systems must be well-ventilated. When paired with proper insulation, adding ridge vents to your roof will prevent damaging ice and hazardous icicles from building up.

Winter repairs – Winter is the most likely time for flat roofs to manifest problems that require roofing repairs or replacement. Geerts Roofing has the equipment and know-how to seal your roofing issue and remedy your leaky roof even during the snowy season.

Whatever your roofing needs might be Geerts Flat roof repair Ottawa will find the perfect solution within your budget. If you are in a need of flat roof repair or replacement services, Geerts Roofing contractors provide best Flat roof repair Ottawa. You can contact us @ 613-880-1900 or fill out the form below.

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