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Having a proper roof repair plays an important role in the longevity and the overall aesthetics of the building. Whether it’s the new roof installation or the repair work it is crucial that you hire the right Church Roof Ottawa services. For any type of building whether it’s residential, commercial, a church or others; the roof is the most important part of the building. GEERTS ROOFING being in the business for years now. With our experience and expertise we can work on any type of roof whether it’s the installation, repair or even maintenance.

There are hundreds of roofing services in the market and you have to choose the right ones which meet your requirements and needs. Here are some tips to consider before you hire the roofing services.

Are they insured and licensed?

One of the very important things that you should consider is to see whether the roofing company is licensed and insured. Make sure not to hire a company who doesn’t have a license and their employees are not insured.

Quality of the material

It is important to discuss and check which type of material your roofing company is offering and they are going to use in the roofing project. Shingles are one of the very common roof material used widely. Make sure which quality of shingles they are going to provide and at what price.

Review the company before hiring

Make sure you go through the reviews of the roofing company. With the help of the reviews you can choose the company with positive reviews and competitive and affordable prices. Check how many years of experience they might be having.

Should you select the cheapest services?

There are several roofing companies who offer cheap prices for their services make sure to check why they are offering the services so cheap before you get excited and hiring them in a hurry. One of the very common reasons is cheap materials or even contractors working without the license, which may create problem later. Make sure to do a thorough research before you hire any company which pops up on your search list.

Take a written estimate

Providing an estimate prior to initiate a project is normal, but make sure that you get a written estimate. So that you will have the proof what you have to pay at the completion of the project. You should ask your roofing contractor to mention which type and quality of material he might be using in the project. It will always help you if it is mentioned in the contract.

Ask for guarantee

You can ask your contractor what type of guarantee he will provide you for his services. Make sure that you should have an idea of the polices in case if you are not satisfied with the services as planned and promised, in case you have to ask him to redo.


Good communication also plays a vital role for a successful completion of the project. Make sure that your roofing contractor is updating you with the progress that is been going on, on the project.

These were the tips which will help you to find the right roofing services, no matter what type of project it is. For further details and information you can contact GEERTS ROOFING.

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