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    Professional Roof Repair Services in Ottawa

    Your roof is one of the important components of your house. It protects you and your family from outside elements like dust snow hail and keeping them where it belongs. Keeping your roof in maintained and good condition is important. If you ignore the signs of warning and won’t...

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    Roofing Contractor Ottawa

    Commercial Shingle Roofing Company

    Most of the times, homeowners forget to do their home inspection and maintenance to ensure that the roof is in perfect condition. Geerts roofing having an extensive experience and expertise in commercial shingle roofing recommend, their clients doing occasional checks of your roof especially after a heavy rain or...

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    All you need to know about Flat roof services

    Doing it yourself- DIY every house hold job is getting very common, but certain times do it yourself-DIY roof project can give you the worst nightmare of your life and it is better to seek professional help for such projects. Timely repair and maintenance is very important for your...

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    Shingle or Metal Roofing: which is Right for Your Home?

    Are you in a dilemma to choose between shingle or metal roofing? Indeed both options are viable and both come with different advantages, disadvantages and differences. The search to find the right roof for your home is no doubt not an easy task where there are so many different...

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