What makes a good flat roof?

We have seen lately in the past years, flat roofs have made their comeback in present and is appreciated by many designers and architects. Flat roofs are comparatively a good option then the pitched roofs. Flat roof usually have a long life span, they are easier to maintain, and can withstand any weather condition; flat roofs are durable and they are very cost effective. Let’s go through some points and notice what makes a good flat roof.

Membrane of the flat roof

For a good flat roof along with a long life span, the key to success is the membrane. A flat roof will water proof the roof, and during rain the water will drain from the chamber straight into the gutter. There are different ways adopted by roofers to make your roof more durable and strong as per the property’s need. One of the very common methods is the use of EPDM. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a very durable and strong synthetic rubber roofing membrane, it has a very long life expectancy that’s the reason it has become the most common choice among many roofers.

How to avoid risk of deflation

If you are considering the use of mastic asphalte membrane which is also considered to be one of the most durable and high performing roof membrane, just keep one thing in mind that it will cause deflation in the long run. It’s always better to seek a professional’s advice and let your roofer suggest what would be the best option for your property.

Good roof deck

Your roofer should know that to select and install the flat roof in a way where the roof deck the foundation of the roof on which the entire roof sits, can withstand whatever the weight will be there.

Sufficient number of falls

Another very important factor which makes a good flat roof is that, your roof should have sufficient number of falls for the rainwater to drain effectively.

The U-valve

U-valve measures how efficiently and effectively a material is, as an insulator. The lower the U-valve the efficient the material will be. A lower number will be a good number because it means the more slowly the heat is going to transmit through it, indicating a good insulator. No matter it’s a new roof or a roof after a renovation, it is required under both conditions. You should make sure that the U-valve, the installation and other related factors, meets the rules and regulations of your areas building regulations.

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